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"The mission of the XML Query project is to provide flexible query facilities to extract data from real and virtual documents on the World Wide Web, therefore finally providing the needed interaction between the Web world and the database world.Ultimately, collections of XML files will be accessed like databases".No distinction is made between a single item and a singleton sequence.(...) XQuery/XPath sequences differ from lists in languages like Lisp and Prolog by excluding nested sequences.As such, its capabilities overlap with XSLT, which was designed expressly to allow input XML documents to be transformed into HTML or other formats.The XSLT 2.0 and XQuery standards were developed by separate working groups within W3C, working together to ensure a common approach where appropriate.

Nesting, or hierarchy of document structures is instead represented by nodes and their child-parent relationships or office documents.

A FLWOR expression is constructed from the five clauses after which it is named: FOR, LET, WHERE, ORDER BY, RETURN.

The language also provides syntax allowing new XML documents to be constructed.

The sample XQuery code below lists the unique speakers in each act of Shakespeare's play Hamlet, encoded in All XQuery constructs for performing computations are expressions.

There are no statements, even though some of the keywords appear to suggest statement-like behaviors.

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