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Download it here As every country adopting the euro, Latvia has its own particular challenges. Latvia is one of the few countries where a unit of national currency – the lat – is of higher value than one euro.The lat is pegged to the common European currency and the fixed conversion rate is LVL 0.702804 to the euro or one lat equals 1.42 euro.Thousands of people including pensioners, homemakers, and working people queued outside the bank’s locked doors to demand their money.The bank had bet on a devaluation of the national currency, the lat, and it had set up a classic pyramid scheme with promises of 90 percent return on deposits.

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A simple walk through the city’s famous Art Nouveau district, packed with some of the most detailed architecture in the world, will give both your legs and camera a serious workout.For a calmer atmosphere, meet up with friends and locals at Chomsky for serious drinks and not-so-serious conversation.Latvia’s capital places great importance on the country’s history, being handed back and forth between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany between 19.After regaining its independence in 1991, Latvia was adversely affected by inflation of the Russian rouble.From , a temporary currency, the Latvian rublis (LVR), was put into circulation as a legal tender parallel to the existing rouble notes.

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