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Thorn Marine supply many unique items not available anywhere else in the town, including repair facilities for boats.

The water point they provide is the only one in the area.

They would use the Packet Steps, which can still be seen today [left], leading down to the canal to board the Duchess Countess to Manchester and Runcorn; the now A49 was then (and still is today) a major route from London.

There is also mention of horse changes being made at Stockton Quay.

Both Thorn Marine and the adjacent property (currently Jeffreys tyres old site), appear to have been used as stables for this purpose.

It is mentioned in the Tithe document as a stable, and it is later in life to be called Bridge Stables, and also has been used as a Bank Riders Cottage.

Local authorities should work with all those concerned in the inland waterways industry - British Waterways (BW) and other navigation authorities, private operators and the voluntary sector concerned with restoring currently disused waterways - to develop the potential of inland waterways. Thorn Marine is an important information access point for many canal visitors.The nearest alternative is 2 hours away if travelling towards Manchester and 8 hours away if going in the opposite direction towards Preston Brook and Anderton.They are the only pump-out station in the local area.It would therefore make sense that the building is part of the Stockton Quay area, and was as vital as the wharf or the steps outside the London Bridge pub.Evidence of horses can also be seen in the construction of the canal bank outside Thorn Marine - there is a series of steps set in to the bank to enable horses to be helped out of the canal when they fell in.

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