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Lucky forgave her and he teamed up with Nikolas to rescue both Elizabeth and Emily after the man that had raped Elizabeth held both young women at gunpoint.

By this time Elizabeth and Lucky realized that they were deeply in love with each other and set their sights on a future together.

She's not evil anymore and her growth since I've been on the show makes playing her today give me many challenges as an actor.

(...) I think the writers have done a great job in making Liz not a victim but a fighter and showing that, while this was a terrible experience nobody should go through, she will get through this in time and go on with her life." Elizabeth grows in a positive way, and is a stronger person as a result.

Elizabeth's life changed forever on the night of the school Valentine's Day dance.

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The role was temporarily portrayed by actress Martha Madison, known for her role as Belle Black on Days of our Lives, from June 8–20, 2011, In February 2016, Daytime Confidential reported that contract negotiations between Herbst and the show had reached a stalemate, also that Days of Our Lives has expressed interest in hiring Herbst possibly as the potential replacement for Kate Mansi, who had vacated the role of Abigail Deveraux.

Elizabeth did continue to pursue Lucky despite his crush on Sarah.

She is went so far as to invite him the the Valentine's Day dance at their school.

But that is because she was hurt since her parents pretty much abandoned her. Elizabeth goes through the stages of denial, anger, and eventual acceptance.

So her frustration, anger and snottiness came from being misguided.""I'm glad because it's a change, not because I now get to play a good girl. Although she heals, her character is never the same.

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