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In 1841 her god, whom she addressed as Tenri--no-Mikoto, commanded her to live a life of poverty as the first stage of her mission to relieve human suffering.She gave the family treasures to those in need, even going so far as to tear down the Nakayama mansion.This episode began a long period of persecution by the Shint containing the revelations of God, the Ofudesaki (The tip of the divine writing brush), and the Mikagura Uta (The songs of the Tsutome service), followed by a third scripture known as Osashizu (Divine instructions). Miki believed that voluntary poverty is necessary to achieve salvation, and that true happiness is found only through consecrated labor when a devotee acts with no thought of reward.Unhappiness is caused by dust settling on the heart from past evil karma.There it would announce its identity and its reasons for afflicting the child.In Shji's case, however, something extraordinary happened.

Second, Tenriky, like many other new religions, was founded by a charismatic woman who fit the ancient Japanese pattern of the female shamanic medium (miko ).She was born into a wealthy farming family in the small village of Sanmaiden in what is now Nara prefecture on April 18, 1798.As a child she showed a remarkable generosity of spirit as well as unusual devotion to the nembutsu faith of Pure Land (J's headquarters.Miki ardently believed that the entire world could be renewed (yo naoshi) by following her method of salvation.Although her son Sh and its nationalistic faith in the emperor.

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