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Daddy misses you, even though he doesn't talk about it. We know you\'re in Heaven now and we can\'t wait to see you again!

His passion was music and he was a gifted pianist who loved to compose and play his own songs. Lance A Busbee, born 02 July 1970, died 23 November 2012 in Oklahoma, USAOur Remembrance Our hero died. Gavin William Grimes, born 29 July 1995, died 24 July 2013 in Indiana Our Remembrance Gavin was a loving son.

I just wish you could have talked to me or somebody about the problems you were I love you and miss you so Your friend,rnrn Casey Brendan Costello, born 16 June 1987, died 08 September 2006 in Illinois Our Remembrance Ocean Blue Eyes.

A smile that would warm the coldest heart and a person you can only be blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting .

I keep thinking what I could've done or said differently, but it's too late now. Edward Michael Sanchez, born 28 September 1986, died 03 October 2005 in Janesville, Wisconsin Our Remembrance Edward, you are sorely missed by me and I remember you every October now.

I will never forget you and your name will always live on through I always wonder about what life would be like if you were still alive.

Annette Mc Nicholas, born 02 July 1964, died in Michgan Our Remembrance Memories of your tender heart. Gentle child, full of grace - Someday again to see your face. He would go out of his way to help a friend in need and he did so for me on numerous occasions without a second thought. The after life is where we will meet again and until then we will miss you every single day,for the rest of our lives.

The world is an empty place without you in it and we will love and miss you forever...rnrn~Mom, Herb, Lauren, Olivia & Nathaniel. cause you never know what tomorrow can bring or what it can take away. we love you, miss you, and will never, ever forget you!! Cole was always full of energy and put a smile on anyones face when they were down. I KNOW BECAUSE I CRIEDJoshua Ray Simpson, born 05 October 1978, died 29 July 1994 in Chesterfield, Virginia Our Remembrance joshua ray was a one kind of a man I will never meet again. He was a wonderful friend, always there for people, and he never judged anyone. YOU WERE A BEAUTIFUL MAN, SON, HUSBAND, FATHER AND FRIEND. We are hoping to get even more investigations on the links between panc. Thank you Brian Leeswood Jones, born 02 February 1988, died 09 June 2010 in Weston, Texas Our Remembrance Loved By all Knew him. I KNOW BECAUSE I TRIED, NEITHER WILL A MILLION TEARS........Jordan Michael Baxter, born 10 January 1985, died 24 December 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana Our Remembrance In memory of Jordan, a loving son and Brother! Now, looking back, I see how unhappy and scared and alone he must have felt. Mark Allen Lee, born 14 April 1985, died 04 August 2012 in Indiana, USAOur Remembrance I can not hear your voice. I wish that we could talk again or just stare into space. It's sad enough to hear that he died and even more so to hear he died by his own hand. Christopher Allan Harvey, born 07 October 1978, died 06 April 2013 in Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Our Remembrance A real brother from another mother. The hard life we really do have, alone you were that night. I and the rest of the family and friends miss you every single day.My son, a kind, thoughtful, loving and beautiful soul! Edwin Leroy Sonnie Unger, born 27 November 1941, died 19 June 2015 in Columbiana, Ohio Our Remembrance My father, the strongest and bravest person I ever knew. What a life to take, once again my heart did break. Urbon Benjamin, born 27 February 1979, died 21 April 2017 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Our Remembrance Ben was naturally creative and an artistic person, but also very passionate and a rebel at heart. Quirky things caught his attention and he saw beauty in them. You will forever live in our hearts, we will forever miss you.

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